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A Life-Long Learning Experience

It’s no secret that I love to jump into a good book. But the best part of reading a book is talking about it! Whether you like to read, or just want to talk about a book that you didn’t read (because that is okay too), joining this book club is where it’s at.

“Reading brings us unknown friends” – Honoré de Balzac

What We’re Reading

March Selection
Meeting at C-Level by Eric Rozenberg

In the book Meeting at C-Level, Eric Rozenberg takes you through his twenty years of experience in the industry and helps to answer one question…How can you harness the true power of face-to-face meetings? This book will offer compelling narratives and real-life examples from many events all over the world while also showcasing Rozenberg’s simple 7-step methodology for creating high-impact meetings that increase business performance. Grab your copy and join us for the discussion!

This book club will be on Thursday,  March 30th at 6:30pm CDT. Join as we’ll discuss this book and also how we can use it to help elevate the meetings industry. What a better day to have this event than on Global Meetings Industry Day.

Register by clicking the button below. After you register, you’ll be sent an email confirmation for this event. Love book clubs and would love to be a VIP? Click here for more info.

Let’s chop it up!

I’ve always had a focus in my life on always learning. The thing is, I’d rather read and share with others. So if you want to become a member, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with me live as we go through our insights from the book. For premium members, you’ll get a sneak peak of questions that I’ll ask, notes pages, a member vault with all replays, possible conversations with the author and more!

Book Club Member Benefits

There are two ways to join Book Club, as a standard member, and as a premium member. Take a look at the benefits below.

 FREE Standard Membership

  • Zoom link access
  • Event reminder

PREMIUM Membership $9/month

  • Zoom link access every month
  • Monthly email reminders
  • Access to replays for 1 year
  • Vote for upcoming book selections
  • Book Club questions in advance of the session
  • Exclusive Book Club Facebook Community
  • Participate in Reading Challenge 
  • Priority Comment Queue
  • Other pop-up events, challenges, and resources for serious readers like you


Why does Pop-Up Book Club exist?
For connection, for a recharge with like-minded people, for growth, and for expansion. That is why the Pop-Up book club exists. This is a space where we can have big and little conversations, that help fulfill us and to live our lives in the fullest capacity.
Can anyone join the Pop-Up Book Club?
Absolutely! If you have an appetite for good professional development reads mixed in with a whole lot of fun, come and join us! We welcome all professionals that are looking to grow and learn and connect over great ideas, concepts, and books!
What does Pop-Up Book Club include?

All memberships include: 1. Invites to monthly virtual book club meet-ups via Zoom. Here you’ll have dynamic, engaging conversations with other members. 2. Premium members are able to get access to all replays, bonuses, opportunities for author meet-greets, and topic expert discussions. 3. Premium members will have the opportunity to decide which books we read going into 2023. Join as a premium member to cast your vote. 4. Premium members receive access to private Facebook community where you can connect with others as you are reading. 5. Premium members also receive encouragement, coaching, and support to keep up your reading skills and habits.

I want you to be happy to be a part of this membership, thus you can opt-out at any time if you aren’t 100% happy.

When does my membership fee go out of my bank account?
For premium membership, you have a choice of annual or monthly payment option. Once you signup your membership fee is drafted automatically. The membership fee will be charged monthly or annually depending on how you signed up. You can also join the free membership at no cost to you.
Do I always have to buy the book to join in?
There are so many ways to participate in the book club. Of course, you can purchase the book from a local or online book store. However, many members may choose to borrow books from the library, you can do this digitally or with a physical book. There are other options as well, audiobooks are very popular, and local book shops also have a great variety of books that you may find many of our selections too.
What if I miss an event?
Events can be joined virtually via Zoom, which makes it easy for you to attend. As a premium member, you will get access to replays so that you never miss a beat!
Can I stop my membership?
You can stop your membership at any time. Just email me at info@plannersonpurpose.com for the request to cancel your membership. Please email at least 3 days prior to your membership renewal date. Please allow 7 days  for your membership cancelation to be completed. You can join back at any time.
Can I get a refund on my membership?
Your membership is not able to be refunded, sorry. However, you do have an amazing opportunity to grow and get pretty savvy with your reading habits!
What is your privacy policy?
We keep things private. What you share in public, is public but in general, we respect your privacy. Check out our full privacy policy here.

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