Book Review: The War of Art

by Jan 21, 2015

Every artist, at some point, finds themselves battling between themselves and the art that they are trying to create. This book review is based off of the book The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Steven Pressfield.

This book was recommended to me by Judi Holler, Personal Branding Expert at Brandprov™. Judi gave a glowing recommendation of this book, and after reading the first few pages, I could see why. When I approached Judi, I was struggling with some inner realities on how I produced my writing. The War of Art helped to equip me with tools to help me defend my art, and be able to bring it into existence.

Do you ever struggle with bringing your visions into reality? Ever have a vision of an event that you are looking to create, but just can’t get past a certain point in your creation? Stephen Pressfield identifies a invisible force that prevents us from doing our best work. Sometimes this force prevents us from doing any creative work at all. Stephen identifies this force as the “Resistance”, and it is responsible for all of the tension that we experience when we sit down to create. Do you procrastinate a lot? Procrastination is a ally of the Resistance. Its prevents us from creating the work that is meant to be in the world.  In The War of Art Stephen points out that we are each endowed with our unique genius, and it’s up to us to be able to live our best lives to release that inner genius. The Resistance always tries to find a way to intimidate, and delay our best work. It is our job to push past the Resistance.

For example, as event planners, we need to step out and do our best work, create our best event, every time. Each event is a stepping stone to creating something bigger, and something better. You’ll never know how one event can change someone. If you have an idea that you would like to pitch to your client, but you decide not to because you don’t think it’s good enough, you are intimidated, or because you are standing in your own way – then you have met the Resistance.

This book also takes you into a journey: to face your fears of creating your best work. What are you afraid of? Most likely what you are afraid of is an indicator that the Resistance is close by. In order to capitalize on your fear, you need to push through what you are trying to do.  Once you push through it, even if it is for the littlest bit, then you feel better almost instantaneously.

What does this mean? For writers, it means that even if you write 5 sentences, you have battled the Resistance, and have won. So, the next time that you find yourself battling the Resistance while trying to produce a work of art, make sure that you push through all of your challenges. Show up to work everyday no matter what, work your designated time, and invest your creativity into your art.

The War of Art was an eye-opener for me. It explored all of my struggles when it comes to writing, and even when creating events. It also allowed me to be okay with whatever I produce, because what is produced is an overflow of what is in the heart, mind, and soul.

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

P.S. I love to read! (Haven’t you found that out yet?) If you have a great book recommendation that you think I would like, please contact me and let me know about it. Happy Reading!


  1. Judi

    I’m so excited you got the book and found it productive! I swear by it and it’s become my life manifesto! Keep rocking. Cheering you on! PS – thanks for the shout out!

    • admin

      Thanks Judi! Yes, it was an excellent recommendation and helped LOTS. I can see why it’s your life manifesto!

  2. James

    This resistance is powerful…
    It’s vital for me that I surround my with positive people. Individuals that will encourage me through rather than watch me pace around in my mess.


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