Book Review: Linchpin

by Aug 12, 2014

The book, Linchpin, Are You Indispensable by Seth Godin, is one that I have been wanting to write about for quiet a while. This book was trivial for getting me out of a workplace rut that I found myself in (during one of my past lives). In this book, Seth Godin delivers a powerful message that helps you to reach deep inside to figure out if you have what it takes to be indispensable. To set yourself apart from others that normally are on the same level in the workplace as you.

So, I offer you a question. As an event planner, how are you being indispensable to your clients? Indispensable people are remarkable people. They are those that stand out from the crowd, who offer something different, connect people to their purpose, and do it well. As you think about the work you do as an event professional, how are you striving to be unique? Are you offering options above and beyond the norm? Are you going the extra mile, and taking that extra step? If so, you are on your way to becoming indispensable.

As an event planner, do you consider yourself as an artist? Perhaps you should. Thinking of your meeting or event as a work of art brings a certain appeal and luster to it. It also makes you approach it quite differently than “a meeting, a wedding, an event”. In Linchpin, you will learn that in today’s world “success” means being an artist. Are you successful?

The only way to success is to be remarkable, to be talked about. – Seth Godin

Sometimes being stuck behind your desk and a chair isn’t a good thing. Seth Godin speaks of how white collar work has turned into factory work, and can seem like confinement. Be careful when you start to be so efficient in your business that you lose your personal touch. As Seth says “If we can put it in a manual, we can outsource it. If we can outsource it, we can get it cheaper”. It is your goal then, to be unique of an event planner that stands outside the confines of the inevitable job description. This is how you then focus on being indispensable.

10 Ways to be indispensable

  1. Always be on time or early
  2. Keep learning something
  3. LEAD something
  4. Ask questions
  5. Stand out
  6. Take advantage of the day, be proactive
  7. Create something that can be embraced
  8. Get things done
  9. Free yourself of distractions
  10. Ring your cowbell – if you are going to do it…DO IT! As Seth says, more cowbell is better than none at all. Take a look at this video which really hits this point home!

Resistance is futile

Usually when we want to change things about ourselves we encounter resistance. Usually it will be in a place that feels cozy and comfortable. Always been creating proposals the same way? Perhaps when you try to change, there will be some resistance. However, those that implement effective change push through to be successful.

Learn from failure, and let it be your stepping stone to bigger and better. Tweet:

I am very grateful for the opportunity to have read Seth Godin’s book Linchpin. This book is filled with much information to help you look within and bring out a better you. I recommend reading this book and discovering the passion that will drive you to excel at what you do.


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