Beyond Happy Hour: A Sobering Conversation for Event Planners with Casey Davidson

by Jan 23, 2024

Casey Davidson from Hello Someday Coaching joins the Planners on Purpose Podcast to discuss the dangers of drinking. Casey will also share how not drinking contributes to the event planner’s overall wellness. After Casey spent 20 years climbing the corporate ladder at a Fortune 500 company, she gave up her daily big glasses of red wine. This was after profoundly realizing that the alcohol was not serving her.

Event planners are surrounded by messages that drinking is a part of our lives. From socializing after work to catching up with colleagues during the events and conferences that we attend, all are laced with a heavy drinking culture that can be hard to let go of.

Casey touches your heart with her story and journey to sobriety. She shares about her 3 am wake-ups where she woke up with a racing mind and a racing heart. She unpacks how she mistook these symptoms as stress and overwhelm for a while. The symptoms that she suffered from headaches, and stomach aches, to bloodshot eyes – Casey shares it all.

After a while, being dependent on alcohol can slowly take over your life as it did for Casey. However, after years of attempts of trying to stop, Casey hired a coach to stop drinking which ended up being the opening of the door to healing.

This episode will unlock some understanding of how to differentiate your stress and overwhelm from the pressures that you experience from an evening of drinking. Many of the stats that Casey shares are unbelievable. Knowing how one glass of wine can impact your quality of sleep, and how it contributes to stress and burnout can be life-changing.

We hope you enjoy this episode and by watching it, that it will help you to be a little more mindful on how alcohol can make an impact on your overall well-being.


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Thank you so much for listening, please stay on purpose!


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