Be a Better Leader – Introduction

by Nov 15, 2016

I’m excited to introduce this series on Leadership.  Each year, I intentionally take an opportunity to attend the Global Leadership Summit, a two-day conference that brings in thousands of leaders throughout the world. The conference is live streamed to many global hosting locations. Many speakers come to teach about leadership and give much motivation to those in attendance. Every year I see this as such a tremendous opportunity to take advantage of, as it inspires me with ways to become a better leader in this industry.

As leaders, it is important that we take the time to refresh our minds and create space for new ideas and new direction. Being a leader can be a lonely place of isolation that can be remedied by the presence of other leaders. So much more can happen with two people than one. We all need each other’s support, and ideas to be able to keep evolving our industry. That is what I’m hoping that this series will do. Provide a place where leaders in our industry can learn, share and grow.  When was the last time that you invested increasing your bandwidth as a leader? Hopefully this series can help you as much as attending the conference helped me.

I am a firm believer that you can lead from anywhere. Everybody is a leader in some capacity. However, some specific roles are naturally built for leadership like a manager, director, CEO, etc. Whatever role we are expected to lead, we all need guidance and direction in order to fully grow into the role in which we are given. At times, we are all put in situations where we have to make key decisions that will determine the outcome of an event or project. Sometimes we are put into those situations without much training or coaching. The method in which we tackle and lead can be very important to the outcome of our project, event, or team.  In this ten part series, we will dive into leadership together, and will unpack some pretty exciting areas. Take a look at what is in store:

Be a Better Leader Series

  1. Have a Big Vision, Take Big Risks
  2. Become Self-Aware
  3. Be An Ideal Team Player
  4. Disciplines of Execution
  5. Communicating Across Cultures
  6. Intentional Leadership
  7. Supercharge Your Creativity
  8. Making the Right Choice
  9. True Hospitality
  10. Staying the Course

So I’ll leave you with this: We all are challenged in our lifetime to find our purpose and execute on it. For many of you that purpose is to lead, and lead well.  I encourage you to join me in this series as we learn more about how we can lead better within our industry. I look forward to learning with you, and hopefully sharing our experiences along the way.

Are you excited for this series too? Let me know what you plan on learning as we go through this series together.


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