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by Mar 7, 2017

One person that I really find inspiring is T.D. Jakes. You have to admit that he is very impressive no matter what your beliefs may be. This is a man that truly really taps into the power of creation like no other. T.D. Jakes is a very prominent minister, he also has his own TV shows and producing his own movies. This involved endless amounts of creativity. While listing to an interview with Bill Hybels and T.D. Jakes during the Global Leadership Summit, I had several takeaways about creativity that resonated with me. Although simple, these points really can pave the way for you to be able to continue to supercharge your creativity and create flawless events for your clients.

Challenge yourself everyday

If you have been in the event planning field for a period of time you know the endless planning of events always encourages us to bring something new to the table. We have to keep pressing into our creativity. Finding new ways to make the attendee experience unique for every event.

You are no greater than the people around you

The event you see on the side of you, can easily be yours. Don’t feel like what others have already done in some way limits what you can do. You have the ability to be great in your own right. There is more than enough space in the universe for us all to reach our true potential. You just have to tap into it and start.

Your dreams should be bigger than you

Do you know that dream that you are holding onto? Dream big. Think bigger. Your dreams should be bigger than what you can do. If you dream big, and make a steady pathway towards that dream, you will be surprised as to how it can manifest in your life.

If you need to be the KING, then you are very small

Although it is your dream, it isn’t always about you. If you feel it has to be about you all of the time, then you are mistaken. The great thing about the world is that a dream can be connected to the dream of others. You can be on a journey to accomplish your dream, but never realized that there are people along the way that have an integral part into your dream.

Empower People

If you have to hold onto things too much then you have the wrong people in place or at least have not empowered people in the  way that they need to be empowered. Empowering people is very powerful. Having the right people in place, with the right skills and abilities to be able to handle a function in which you don’t have to handle, can be powerful for you as a leader. Leaders need people that can get it right. This will allow you to handle other things and allow you to create more.

Work-life balance

Having balance in your life is integral to creativity. In order to come up with fresh and new ideas, you have to have some whitespace in your life. Space in which you exist in a blank slate and just create to your hearts content. For many people, the first parts of their days are a time in which they can tap into this creative energy. Obtaining this time and space allows us dream big, and gives us ideas to bring into our current work.


Although you strive to be a superhero, there is always something that you will miss every day. Our professional and personal checklists are very long, and the number of post-it notes that we use are endless. No one can cross absolutely everything off their lists each day. Knowing this, allows you create boundaries around your work and personal life so that you complete the most important things on your lists, and also get the balance you deserve.


When we have a  lot on our plates, we suppress the ability to create. Creation is a far cry, and we end up reaching for the straws of the repetitive, to make it through every event. However when we can somehow clear our creative pathways, we can continue to bring into the world different ideas, and innovative events that will really help us to lead others to fulfill.

How do you feed your creative energy? I would love to hear about your tips in the comments!

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