Be a Better Leader – Staying the Course

by Apr 4, 2017

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Leaders are lifelong learners.  We have to learn every single chance we get, because with our knowledge, we will lead and inspire others. We need to stay the course.

A leader never takes a day off. We always have to continue to lead others no matter what role they may find themselves in. Staying the course is a habit that is learned for leaders. There can be times when leading isn’t exactly what a leader would prefer to do. Yet if we can fight against the urge to be average, we can do some really life-changing things.

Stay Aware

A great leader inspires others, and in turn cultivates other great leaders. If a leader stays true to their core values, and lives their life with intention, then their example will be shown in the lives of other leaders. Staying the course as a leader, means that in addition to reading this post on leadership, you in turn go out into the world and put into action the things that you learned. This is the only way we as leaders can connect to others, and eventually change the world.

If you want to have a good outcome as a leader, you have to pay attention to your response. As you are acting out  your calling as a leader, keep track of your response. Measure what you do, and continue to do more so that you can keep comparing your results. Notice if you are slow to respond a need as a leader, or are you to quick? Are you being intentional about how you approach others, or do you overlook opportunities? Being aware of your response, only helps you take note, and do better. Leaders need to be able to self-evaluate and take action on improvements.

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Stay Relevant

Leaders need to stay relevant to what is going on in leadership and in their industry. If you don’t know what is going on, then you can easily become irrelevant. And an irrelevant leader, is void – meaning what’s the point? Get relevant. Make sure that you know what is happening in the area of leadership. Additionally, make sure that you are up to speed on the trends in your industry so that when you lead, you can lead strong.

It is important to not deviate or drift from your plan as a leader. Make decisions that matter, and stick with your decision. If you have a change of heart about your position, make sure you can back it up with key facts that support the change. Your life as a leader is an example for others to see. To not follow through with your plan as a leader, can encourage mistrust with your team and others watching.

Stay the Course

Finally, when you stay the course you make an impact on people’s lives. I really feel that no matter what industry that you work in, our purpose is to make an impact in people’s lives. We are here to listen, learn, guide others, love, and lead. There is nothing more rewarding than to see others learn and grow and create value for others due to your initial leadership.

Now it’s my turn to learn from you. What helps you to stay on course as a leader? Please post your responses in the comment section below.


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