Naomi Tucker, CMP, HMCC

Event Professional, Certified Business and Life Coach
Empowering you to stress less and live more. Let’s reach your full potential!
Hi, I’m Naomi! I was just like you. Overwhelmed and stressed out, until I stood up for myself and did something about it. You are just where you need to be. Let me help you.

My Story

Saying “yes” to everything that came my way, ultimately left me with health issues, a rocky marriage, children that needed their mom a little more, and family that I never saw. Yet when I flipped the script on my life and asked myself what truly matters, what is my purpose in life, I found that many things had to come off my list. This is the reason that I founded Planners on Purpose.

I’ve managed many event planners in my 25+ years in the industry. I’ve seen the toll that this industry can take on someone. Yes, it is fun and we love what we do, however too much of anything is never a good thing. If you are a planner that is in a similar situation, perhaps you have a ton on your plate and don’t know how to streamline things so that you can breathe easier. Or perhaps you are juggling multiple priorities and need help deciding on who to delegate what to, let me help. I’m here to empower event planners to stress less so that they can live at their best. So that they can live a life on purpose.

My Values & Beliefs


…that being an event planner doesn’t have to be one of the most stressful jobs in the world. We have the tools that we need to make a paradigm shift in this industry and create a better balance.


…is listening to you. Your job and your world is very complex, and you are the only one that understands what your goals are. I’m here to listen, and encourage you reach the highest heights.


…is to empower event planners to stress less and live more, through the journey of self-discovery, insights, and action.

My Approach

As your certified business and life coach, I start by connecting on a discovery call. This call is to help me understand what your needs are, and for you to understand my coaching style. Moving forward, my process can be simplified in four steps. First, we’ll recall all of the details and define your goals. Second, we’ll re-evaluate what you have on your plate. Third, we’ll refine how your life looks by streamlining what doesn’t give you purpose, and life. Lastly, we’ll reactivate and empower you to life your life as you have laid it out, and on purpose.

I call this process the 5 R’s of balance. We’ll go though this and more. Afterwards, you’ll have accountability and very supportive community to help you as you move forward on your purpose. Ready?

Featured Publications


Simplify Your Life Workbook

  • Part 1 – Look around and see what is going on in your world
  • Part 2 – Understand your purpose, dreams, and aspirations
  • Part 3 – Discover your new outcomes
  • Part 4 – Go out and live a life of purpose and well-being

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Living Your Own Purpose Today!

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