7 Tools You Can Use Now to Create a Life Plan

by Jan 13, 2021

Big changes always require you to create a life plan. You ma some big things you want to do for this year. You may see an opportunity for yourself to do something new, or discover more about yourself. Although you have big dreams, you won’t be able to get too far without creating a plan. Let me show you a few tools that you can use to create a life plan.y have


Why you should create a life plan

Creating a life plan may sound like a very formal step, but it is a necessary for expanding and inspiring your perspective on your life. Life plans are created for several different reasons. You should create a life plan if you are looking for direction and inspiration on where your life should go, and what you aspire to do. We all need direction, especially when in a state of stress and overwhelm. Life plans help to sort out what their next best step is for you.


What is life planning?

LIfe planning is a specific plan of action that details the steps that you would like to take in your life. There are several different methods to do this. Many find that creating a life plan may be difficult. However, there are some simple and easy-to use options to use so that you can start plotting your desired future. Listed below are some of the simplest options to create a life plan.


Yearly Planner

The typical way to document a plan for your life is using a life planner. Life planners can be used on a daily, weekly, or quarterly basis. This is a great tool, but it can be underestimated. Many people use daily planners or even to-do lists everyday. However the most powerful part of a planner is leveraging it for more strategic outlooks. Looking at the monthly, yearly, and quarterly views of your plans, can really help you to get to your goals. So if you have a planner, think also high-level, and create long and short term timelines to meet your goal.



A journal is an excellent way to be able to put all of your expansive thoughts on paper. The great thing about journaling is that it allows you to be creative and free flowing with how you transfer information. Journals aren’t very dependent on structure, so can be used for various types of journals. I’ve seen people use journals for gratitude, daily devotionals, or brainstorming journals. Journaling is an expressive way to get your thoughts on paper, and use it as a tool to create your life plan.


Vision Board

Vision boards are a very fun way to create a life plan too! Creating one is such a great way to get your juices flowing. Vision boards allow you to brainstorm, but also gives the opportunity for you to create. Such beautiful creations inspire and ignite action for you to meet your goals. After create your vision board, you can keep your vision board in your line of sight throughout the year. Doing this will allow you to be able see it consistently and always move in the direction of your vision.


If you really like the idea of creating a life plan with a personal vision board. That’s why, I invite you to participate in my 5- Day Vision Board Email Challenge. It’s a simple challenge that will walk you through how to create a vision board over the next five days. All you have to do is sign up and I will be in your emails to connect with you on your next steps. This email challenge comes with worksheets, tips, and checklist to help inspire you along your creation process.


Wheel of Life

You have probably heard about the Wheel of Life many times. It is used by many life and business coaches as a tool to help those they coach sort out everything on your plate.  The Wheel of Life simple worksheet that you can use. It’s similar to journaling because it encourages you to write out all of the things that you’re going through. And when you do this it’s able to help you sort out where you want to be so that you can establish the plan for your ideal life.


Ideal Day

Creating your ideal day is also a wonderful tool to create a life plan. Many times when we are going through the busyness of life, we lose sight on what we want for ourselves, and what our ideal life is. You can be caught into living out somebody else’s plan if you are not careful. So take a moment and create your idea day, from when you wake up, to when you go to sleep. What is your perfect day? Knowing this is a a wonderful way for you to live your life plan.


Magic Wand

Sometimes all you need is a question that helps get you in the right direction. And that is what this magic one question does for many.  “If you could wave a magic wand over your life what would you solve?”. The answer to that question alone helps you to identify a struggle you hae have, or an improvement that needs to be made in your life. Answering this question can direct you to how you would envision your future. This is a great tool to help spark the ideas you need to full create your plans.


Creating your plan from the end

Perhaps it can be easier for you to determine where you want to go, by envisioning how you want your life to end. Not to be too morbid, but envision what you would like to hear others say about you at your eulogy if you would have the opportunity to listen. Would they say you were adventurous, thoughtful, or helpful? Perhaps your friends and family will tell you stories of how you inspired them, or give a thought-provoking story of you? By looking at your life from the end, you can be more able to unveil the steps that you would need to take to a certain future.


So those are your seven tools to create a good life plan. You can use one of these, or take a feel of them to really create your ideal life for yourself. Keep in mind, you can plan all you want, but keeping your goals in front of you as you’re living your life, can ultimately help you to act out, and put in action the things that you want to do. This way you can look back and say that you created your ideal life and you have lived up to what you planned out for yourself.

I hope you were able to have some takeaways from this article. Let me know in the comments below and what is your preferred method for creating a life plan, and what results have you gotten by following a specific plan for your life?


Need more help? Why not, schedule free 1:1 consultation with me, and we can discuss how to get you unstuck.


P.S. Have interest in the vision board challenge I mentioned? Check out more information vision boards and that challenge on this post.


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