7 Soft Skills Event Planners Should Have

by Jan 25, 2024

Event planners are talented individuals who can put some pizzazz on events, however, to make it all come together it also takes some soft skills.

If you’re a new event planner or an event planner wanting to brush up on a few skills to enhance your career, this is a great episode, as we’ll be diving into 7 soft skills that every event planner should have.

Soft skills are those skills either have to do with personality, or skills that aren’t necessarily tangible or able to be measured like knowing Microsoft Excel. The skills that we will dive into in this episode are:

  • Ability to work long hours (when necessary)
  • Communication
  • Patience
  • Initiative
  • Service Mindset
  • React under pressure

All of these soft skills may seem pretty simple to start, however, when leveraged they can be the difference in getting a promotion, recognized for special project, or even given special opportunities within an organization. Needless to say, these skills do matter in the event industry.

Because of the nature of the nature of the industry, having these skills can ensure that your event or event career will have a level of polish that can guarantee its success.

Thank you so much, stay on purpose!

P.S. Want to learn about some more skills that every event planner should have? Check out this post.


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