7 Fun Pinterest Fit Treats for Your Meeting

by Sep 15, 2014

What do you have on your pm break? Cookies? Soda? What about your attendees that are meticulously watching their waistlines? What’s in it for them? Sometimes coffee and soda will only put more inches on your guests in places that they would rather not have. Can you strike a balance on your afternoon break and have it be fit and fun? Here are 5 Pinterest finds that give you creative alternatives to add healthy, fun options at break-time.


Fun with Fruit

Instead of just a lowly fruit platter, why not do a little salsa? This fruit salsa is a great, quick recipe for a tasty salsa. Pass the recipe along to your venue, and see if they can do something similar for your attendees. Another way to get creative with fruit is to infuse your water with fruit. This aids the body in ensuring that water leaves the body quickly and doesn’t get stored up. You can mix up different fruits if you would like. Try having various kinds of infused water to choose from to help create conversation and interaction at your break times. If your attendees are looking for more of a bold pick-me-up, try a smoothie. I’ve seen this done tastefully at receptions as a smoothie shooter, or just a simple smoothie station for an afternoon break option.



What stories to your veggies tell? Is it just another boring story? No one talks about “boring”.  Why not create some conversation around your veggies, and try to do veggies in a creative way? Try to use veggies as a centerpiece, and create conversation at the table. You could also have your veggies passed in a creative way. Have some paleo dieters in your group? Add these tasty paleo veggie chips to your menu.


Cookie Craving?

Since we are on a paleo kick, try these paleo cookies for a nice healthy option that everyone will love. So, there is your 7 Pinterest finds! But here is a bonus – Shape Magazine also as an awesome pin that gives you 10 healthy cookie recipes for fall, that have a range of healthy options and ideas for you to include on your cookie break. Show your attendees what you are serving by labeling your cookies so that everyone can see their options!

So, how can you get these options added to your breaks? Just ask! Chances are if there isn’t anything similar in your hotel’s menus, you can ask your hotel if they wouldn’t mind doing something different. Usually they are more than happy to do something different, and your asking could influence them to add some of these as a permanent option for them!

Do you have any fun, fit, Pinterest finds that our readers will find helpful? Let’s share!


Photo credit: Tamara, Cocoa & Fig, Wendy Nelson, Sonny Abesamis, Meal Makeover Moms, and Hunter Designs via Flickr



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