6 Steps to a Healthier Attendee

by Aug 4, 2014

How do you make an attendee healthier? If an attendee goes to your event only once a year, how are you going to make a difference so that they leave a little healthier than they came? Here are six steps that can help:

Be a Healthier You

I’m sure you are rolling your eyes right now. But, yes, a healthier you will make a healthier meeting and thus, a healthier attendee. If you care about your well-being as an event planner, then in turn you will start to care about the well-being of your attendees. Additionally, leading a healthy lifestyle can help you become a better planner.

Setting the Mood with Sounds and Scents

Take a step out of the box and use elements of sounds and scents to encourage a healthier attendee. Play light music that sharpens the mind, or relaxes them depending on the function that they are attending. Diffuse the air with light scents that appeal to helping attendees be alert, or concentrate. For example having scents of peppermint can improve your attendees concentration. Find what scent appeals to what you would like to accomplish in your event. Sounds can scents can make an attendee immediately feel better, about themselves, and about your meeting.

If They Are Going to Eat Fat, Make it Healthy

Healthy fats have monounsaturated fatty acids that help prevent the bulge around the mid-section. Belly fat can be dangerous and lead to cancer or diabetes if not tamed. As an event planner, placing healthy fat choices like avocado, raw nuts, or olive oil can help your attendee stay trim. Add these “good” fats to your dishes salad, dressings, and even to main entree selections like beef and fish.

Have Unique Healthy Options Available

What can be really disappointing is if an attendee is doing so well at maintaining their healthy lifestyle, and when they get to your breakfast, it consists of nothing but carbs. Scones, Danish, Muffins, and Croissants is a staple continental breakfast at many venues. Take the extra step with your menu and try adjusting some of the carbs to include high-fiber options, fruits, and proteins.

Keep On Movin’

Encourage your attendees to get moving! This has been done successfully many times. Give walking maps to your guests so that in their free time, they walk outside of the hotel in a safe environment. Run pedometer incentives or walking challenges at your event. Hire a fitness instructor to come in and energize the group with a quick fitness session. Advocate to improve the energy of the meeting by getting everyone to move around!


Do you know that there is a science to the right amount of sleep? Knowing how much sleep your agenda is allowing you attendees impact their health. Too little sleep can lead to heart trouble, and over time can lead to cardiovascular issues. Additionally, when anyone doesn’t get enough sleep, they tend to eat more, due to a raised level of the hormone “gerhlin“.  (Ever stay out too late and need to eat an egg omelet before going to bed? How about lots of greasy bacon the next morning to soak up the damage?). Too much sleep can also be linked with heart problems. Being well-rested can ensure that your attendees are alert for the next day’s events, so aim to have a well-balanced agenda for your attendee when planning your meeting or event.

Attendees are getting more vocal about their needs while at events. Getting the right balance can be tough, yet as meeting and event planner we should aim to take the extra step and look out for our attendees well-being. Attendees are in our caring hands when planning events, and showing them that we care about their well-being is helping them lead a healthier lives.


 What are some unique ways that you advocate for a healthier attendee? Would love to hear your ideas below:


photo credit: Steve Wilson via Flickr



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