5 Tips for Creating a Culture of Wellness in the Workplace

by Dec 5, 2023

Creating a culture of wellness in the workplace isn’t easy. There are many efforts out in the workforce being done to help support employees overall well-being. In order for you to know what matters we are unpacking the five essentials of well-being in the workplace in this episode.

Your well-being matters. In addition, recognizing what these workplace essentials are will also help you to understand if you can champion for change in an effort to help support everyone’s work well-being in your workplace.

If you are a business, owner, or human resource, professional, this episode would help you become aware of what some of the fundamentals are, and perhaps spearhead ideas for you to make sure your culture thrives.

The 5 areas that help create a culture of wellness:

  • protection from harm
  • connection and community
  • work-life harmony
  • mattering at work
  • opportunity for growth

We unpack each of these areas in this episode and share some examples and tips on how you can implement these in your workplace.

Remember: It’s important to be reminded that our health matters, our mental health matters, and well-being matters.


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American Psychological Association Study

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