5 Steps to a Healthier #Eventprof

by Jan 5, 2016

Enter the New Year, and all of our New Years resolutions. Each and every year, after the craziness of the holiday, we sit to think about what went well last year, and how we can improve our lives and ourselves. For me, I’m focusing on being much more healthier in all of my mind, body, and soul. I’m hoping you can go on the journey with me as I try to take each step in the positive direction regarding my health. This  post is mostly to help me, but hopefully it will also encourage and be of help to you too. I’ve put together this short list of 5 steps to a healthier #eventprof, take a look.

Get Walking

Walking just simply makes you feel good! It boosts self esteem and your mood and just energizes you. If you are anything like me and work in a virtual environment from home, you can get caught in the routine of not getting out of the house. You have to work extra hard to find the time to get some extra exercise. Regardless if you work at home or in the office, get out and get moving in 2016. It will only get you steps towards a healthier you.

Get some rest

One thing that most of us take for granted is the amount of sleep we should be getting each night. Aim for 6-8 core hours of sleep each night. There are times when work takes over and we think that we should stay up until the wee hours in the morning to get things completed, but that will not help anyone, it actually hurts you and makes you ineffective the next day. Get sleep!

Let color work for you

This is a fun trick that can help you and your event attendees be more healthier. Try using red plates instead of blue or white. Red is associated with stopping, so in essence people would consume less. If you think its a bit much for your attendees, at least try to have a red plate at home, to help you to eat less. You never know, it might work.

Eat Healthy Fats

Monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs)  are fats that help prevent belly fat and we can all stand to have a little MUFA in our diet. Types of MUFAs are olive oils, avocados, and nuts. Other fats go straight to our midsection and can trigger inflammation and puts us all at risk for diabetes and cancer, so focusing on the healthy fats can do us a world of good.

Grab a partner

Sometimes it is easy for you to be healthy when you have an accountability partner. Someone that has health at their front of mind, and they will look out for you, walk with you, and hold you accountable for if you don’t. If you don’t have someone like that for 2016, I encourage you to ask someone to be there. Sometimes we’ll need those partners to dig us out of a hole.

Well those are my 5 steps to a healthier #eventprof. It is my hope that this post encourages and inspires you. Best of the best in 2016!


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