5 Signs Your Job is Toxic and It’s Time to Move On

by Feb 8, 2024

Many of us don’t realize that we are in toxic jobs until it is too late. So this episode will provide you with 5 signs that you should be aware of to check and see if you are in a toxic job that may be headed downhill fast.

This episode comes with the understanding that we are in the event industry, an industry that has an immense amount of pressure, high-touch clients, and high amounts of stress. It is meant to highlight situations that go beyond what’s acceptable.  However, maybe if we find that this is a standard, then what is ‘acceptable’ may have to be adjusted to save many of our treasured talent people from burning out and leaving the industry.

The 5 signs that are discussed on this podcast episode are:

  1. Being sick and fatigued to the point of exhaustion
  2. High amount of turnover at an organization
  3. Stagnancy within the organization – no growth
  4. A clear and consistent lack of the respect of boundaries
  5. Harrassment and bullying by co-workers and event clients

One thing is for sure. These situations in their most potent form are not okay and do not support overall well-being and mental health of the person impacted. If these signs are experienced, then bringing awareness through conversation is a good first step, allowing for resolution. However, if these situations persist, then moving away could be the best outcome.


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Banish Burnout Challenge


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