5 Reasons Why Getting Your CMP Is Important to Your Career

by Apr 15, 2024


If you’re an event professional that’s looking to level up your career, then getting your CMP is important and will help give you the boost that you need. The CMP is also known as the Certified Meeting Professional Designation, and is a designation that is given by the Events Industry Council. Having this certification can provide you with a host of opportunities.

In this episode, Naomi shares 5 reasons why getting your CMP is a notable step to take in your career as an event professional. If you’re struggling with deciding what your next step should be in your career, then the reasons given in this podcast may help you make this decision.

One of the main reasons that getting your CMP is so beneficial is that it gives you additional knowledge about the event industry that you can find applicable to your role. Also, no one has to mention the potential salary benefits and leadership opportunities that will come your way. The CMP is also a big personal achievement that showcases your dedication to the industry. Why now gain this designation so that you can wear it proudly and inspire others to get theirs too?

Jump into this episode, and leave us a message on what makes you most excited on getting your CMP.


Links and Resources

Planners on Purpose CMP Study Group
Events Industry Council

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