5 Reasons Why Being a Control Freak Isn’t a Good Thing

by Mar 21, 2018

We are Event Planners. Yes, we are Type A. The control freaks. Let’s embrace it.

So, let’s face it. Event planners can be some of the most controlling people when it comes to planning events – we have to be. We are always consumed with the constant barrage of details that surround us as we ensure that everything is perfect. I can relate to needing to have arms wrapped around every particular detail, carefully avoiding any and all catastrophes in advance. But being a control freak isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes the need to keep the power in your court, can be limiting. Here are a few reasons why being a control freak isn’t a good thing.

1. You don’t realize that mistakes can happen

Sometimes control allows our egos to get the best of us. We thrive on being the central point of contact for the event planning process and that feeling of power can also blind our peripheral. At times we can fail to see mistakes when they happen or we make a decision that might have devastating consequences. When understanding that you can make mistakes, it may lead you to put a few resources in place to ensure quality and oversight.

2. You think you can handle it all alone

I’ve seen it countless times in myself, and in other planners. Because you have the control and know everything about the event, you fail to see that doing it all alone can be a shortfall. Managing a high volume of details can be consuming. Keeping it all together on your own might not lend to the success of the event. Details can be lost, appointments can be missed. You might want to consider dividing and conquering, with you being central in command of course, to oversee it all goes well.

3. You turn away advise or offers for assistance

“Anything I can help you with?”. A simple request to help you, and you turn it away. You have it all under control right? You don’t realize that the reason why that person is asking to help is that they are either starting to see you sweat, or they want to learn more. Either way, it is an opportunity lost if you turn it away. If you find yourself accepting the offer, you might be able to delegate a small cumbersome task that by doing so will help you focus on other important efforts. And you never know, you could be mentoring the next planner in the making if you turn away an eager offer to be involved.

4. In your pride, key people are left out

Although the control of an event falls underneath you as an event planner, there are always key people that benefit from the event being successful. A sponsor, a client…a boss, just to name a few. Not realizing the key people that have a stake in an event going successful, is very risky. It is important to know who these people are and keep them involved along the way. Finding out what they would like to know and how they would like to be updated should be known at the onset. Remember, it isn’t always just your event to plan.

5. You never get a chance to relax

I get it, you want to see everything through. From that breakfast at 6am you have to wake up at 4am for, to that awards gala that ends at 12am. This might be ideal for a one day event, however if you have a multi-day conference, you are headed right towards burnout. Being in control of everything can mislead you to believe that you have to see it all through, with no assistance. Trusting your team or others to help you, can provide a pathway to the rest you well deserve.

I get it. Being a control freak can have its advantages. But let’s be real, we can get a long way with the control that we garner. However, learning when to relinquish control and invite delegation, teamwork, and inspiration can be the thing that separates moves your event from great to phenomenal. Has your control prevented you from having the ultimate success in your event? Feel free to share your stories.


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