5 Favorite Smartphone Apps that reduce my Post-It Notes!

by May 21, 2014

As busy event planners, we need to be able to stay organized while on the go. For me, sometimes my Post-It Notes don’t travel so easily when I’m out of the office. That is why having effective note smartphone apps can come in handy. I’ve managed to find some apps that work to help me reduce my post-its, and I wanted to share five of them with you:


Evernote is an excellent note app for basically everything. Evernote is very effective for me to organize all of my random notes. You can organize your notes in a variety of ways that speak to our personality and style. Adding pictures, audio, and video is also available with Evernote allows you to venture deeply into your note-taking. Synching Evernote is very easy with all of your devices. Available in iTunes and Google Play.

Microsoft OneNote

When I have to work on a project, I really enjoy working on Microsoft OneNote. It works best for me with major events, projects, and strategic planning. The strong point of this app is the illusion of a “binder” style of organization. For an event planner, Microsoft Onenote is the virtual binder. The fun part of OneNote is building the intricate resources within your virtual binders to include pictures, audio, links, documents. Sharing and synching can be done with a click of a button. Available in iTunes and Google Play.


Yep, I said it. The Notes app on my iPhone can be very effective. What I enjoy about this app is that in combination with Siri, you can add items to your list or do reminders. Usually when I’m done, I can email my collection of notes to myself for me to include in my main notes apps later. You can also synch your notes to all your devices. Available only on iPhone.


Springpad is a fun app, that looks very appealing aesthetically. Its strong points are notetaking and bookmarking. You can easily combine your notes into a notebook and share with your friends. This app is pretty fun when it comes to adding different types of notes. You can scan items, attach a note to a contact, add places, and pictures to your notes. Definitely worth a quick download for a look. Available in iTunes and Google Play.


When you have a random thought that you want to jot down, and figure out what to do with it later, Drafts is the app for that! Drafts has unique sharing abilities linked to social media that make it unique. Check it out! Available in iTunes and Google Play.

What apps do you use for notes on your smartphones? Let’s compare and share! Comment in the space below.


Photo credit: Johan Larsson via photopin cc


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