5 Essential Skills Every Event Planner Needs

by May 9, 2023

Event planners have many skills that they lean on in order to plan amazing meetings and events. If you are new to the event planning space this episode will provide you with 5 basic essential skills that event planners can lean on when developing yourself as an event planner.


Episode Highlights

  • Customer service is an essential skill that event planners need that allows them to service their clients effectively.
  • With customer service, it’s important to be pleasant and easy to work with. This will bring customers back to you again and again.
  • Put yourself in a position where you can level up your customer service skill set by solving customers’ requests often.
  • Hospitality is another essential skill as an event planner that you need to show your clients that you can go over and above to surprise and delight as a means of adding to their experience at your event.
  • Event planners should learn to build their creativity and problem-solving skills as coming up with new and exciting experiences and solving problems are common in our space.
  • Although event planning platforms are numerous, it is very frequent to see spreadsheets or Excel for numerous functions.
  • It is such a powerful skill to be influential. When you use influence as a strength you can help your clients see solutions in the way that you see them so that they can make the best decisions for their event.
  • Be aware of the opportunities for influence that you have around you in order to start flexing this essential skill.
  • If you are a new planner, consider using these essential skills event planners need to build your skillset. If you are a veteran, find one of these skills to brush up on to keep yourself relevant and sharpen your skill.


Thank you for listening to this episode of the Planners on Purpose podcast. Until next time, stay on purpose.


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