5 Essential Areas to Spruce Up Your Winter Events

by Feb 12, 2018

The chill is definitely in the air this winter season. Okay, perhaps not in Florida, but in Wisconsin, we are definitely still seeing some cold temperatures. Many areas across the globe have seen lower temperatures than they have ever had this time of year. The cold brisk air can often lead planners to wonder how to spruce up their winter events. Here are a few areas of an event that you can put a dash of winter on and some fun ideas that you can call your own.


Venue selection can be quite different when we consider different changes in the seasons. For the most part it may be more comfortable to place winter events inside rather than outside. However, although events are inside, it really depends on the type of venue that you place your event in. Winter venues should be venues that can provide all the accommodations that every attendee needs. Everything from the parking, to the bathrooms should be able to be accommodated for and be easy for the attendee to use. During the holidays consider having your event in a location that has festive décor.


Adding a bit of color can showcase the winter in your event if you allow it to. Obvious colors like white can really go the distance to show the season. Additionally, neutral colors in the brown hues can bring a little of the outside, inside. Finally, green is always a great color in every season. During the holidays, it is especially useful to add some appropriate greenery for the season can spruce up your event.

Food and Beverage

Wintertime food and beverages can be so warming to the spirit. Sometimes I can imagine the smells of apple and pumpkin pie as soon as December hits. When you attendees walk into your event, the aromas of food can be an enticing welcome. Incorporating hearty soups like chilis, gnocchi, and potato  into your menu can be a welcomed as the cool air outside inspires a craving for the warm and cozy when inside. Nothing says warmth like a hot latte or specialty coffee. Want a festive flair? Consider eggnogs, caramel apple martinis, other yummy cordials to spice things up.


It’s very exciting to select décor during the winter season. The season always inspires us to incorporate naturally appealing décor to set off the event experience. Stealing your color palette from nature’s setting can prove to be very valuable to you as a planner. Find pleasure in using evergreens for a hint of green, wooden accents for a rustic look, and white snow to give your event that winter sparkle. One of my favorite elements to incorporate in this season is a fireplace, whether indoors in very cold areas like Wisconsin, our outdoors in some less intense areas like Florida. Also, try adding a fluffy throw to a nice seated area to top off the experience.


Since you are not able to get outside with your meeting in some areas due to the cold consider having technology fill the gap. Engaging games for attendees to play during break times can be a great way for attendees to stretch their legs and utilize technology. Indoor scavenger hunts or utilizing augmented and virtual reality to spice up your event can prove to be a worthy adventure for your audience.

As always with winter season, comes sicknesses that can’t help but be spread. Make sure to have plenty of tissues on-hand to accommodate those with the sniffles and jabs sanitizer to keep things sanitary and prevent sicknesses like flu from spreading. Do you have any pointers for winter events? Would love to hear what you have to say in the comment section!


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