3 Myths You Should Know About Mental Health

by May 13, 2021

Mental health matters. The conversation should be elevated and discussed. In this episode,  you will hear about 3 myths that you should know about mental health, and what to do about them. There are many myths and this episode will help to expose them and move the conversation forward.

Episode Highlights

  • It is important to talk about anxiety, depression, and burnout amongst other challenges.
  • Talking and being supportive to loved ones is a way that we can support them.
  • Everyone can help to support mental health, and point to resources if needed.
  • No one is asking you to be a doctor or a therapist. The key being a listening ear and providing support.
  • Keep an eye out on key phrases to understand if you need to be more supportive to a colleague, friend or family member.
  • If you know someone that needs support, refer them to resources available to help.
  • The signs of mental health are not easy to see.
  • “Pay careful attention to anything you try to hide” – Gretchen Rubin

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P.S. If you would like to learn more about how to navigate burnout, check out this episode.


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