3 Keys to Building Amazing Teams

by Aug 24, 2021

There are many shifts that are happening as we are phasing into another era of the pandemic. We have lost team members, gained others, and face the challenge of building amazing teams we had once before.


Episode Highlights

  • Many people are exhausted from all the hard work in this season, yet many are excited to get back to work.
  • We are currently planning events differently, there isn’t an event that is absolutely similar to what it was pre-pandemic.
  • Listening to your team and being attentive to their personal needs is very crucial at a time where people are sensitive to global events.
  • When you are learning and taking risks at the same time, so encouraging vulnerability can allow teams to make mistakes gracefully.
  • The difference between a successful team and a team that isn’t as successful is that they use crisis as a way to crystalize their purpose.


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