3 Common Challenges of Event Planners

by Dec 13, 2014

As an event planner, you have a unique role to plan events flawlessly. Yet things don’t always occur as planned. There are challenges that can become a burden if not handled carefully. Here are 3 of the common challenges of event planners and how to overcome them.

Lack of creativity

We all have struggled with our creativity. Especially when we have to top our last event with something more innovative. So, how do you get the creativity that you need to take your event to the next level? Where do you get your inspiration? You can boost your creativity in many ways. Sometimes the best ideas are those that are staring you in the face. Take the time attend another event, or view some event ideas online. Gain inspiration from fashion magazines or decor shows. There are many ways to tap into your creative power, you just have to get out of your box and harness it.

Finding the right venue

You may have seen pictures were a planner turns an airport hanger into a magnificent event and wonder, how can I do that? And where? Finding the perfect venues to provide a excellent resource for your off-site event can be challenging. Event owners are wanting to shock and dazzle their event attendees. Each event has to have it’s own luster. It’s up to you to find the perfect location that speaks true to your clients. Going to site visits, and viewing unique venues can help adjust your perspective and open your mind to new ideas and innovate ways to showcase your next creation.

Diminished budgets

Planning more with less money seems to be a common theme in event planning. It would be nice if organizations would give us a little more cash to make all of our lives easier, but that is a far fetched at the moment. Budgets are increasing, but we are still faced with getting more for the money. Take the time to really focus on the areas of your budget that you have more flexibility. Focus on what your customer needs, and then find ways to compensate in between. Try to negotiate as much as possible up front so that you can limit the “surprises” while planning.

What are some of the other challenges that you face? How did you overcome them? Would love to hear your stories.

Photo credit: Iwona Kellie via Flickr


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