21 Audacious and Creative Winter Event Ideas

by Feb 9, 2015

(Updated March 3, 2023)

Snow flurries and snowstorms are always a good indicator that winter is here and rampant. Unless if you live in far warmer areas, where all you need is a light sweater. However, while planning events can be pretty fun, planning them in winter can become puzzling. Your events can lack the surroundings of spring, the hues of summer, and the beautiful colors of fall….so how can you incorporate the cuddly feeling of winter into your event? Well my friends, here are 21 audacious and creative event ideas that you can use:

Your Quick List of 21 Winter Event Ideas

  1. Use iced branches to put a hit of winter into your room. Check this quick article out on how to make them yourself!
  2. Ice sculpture centerpieces can give your room a nice wintery touch. Even try an ice vase with floral!
  3. Want a different spin on team building? Try an interactive session with attendees as they pickle veggies, create preserves, canned jams, and more.
  4. Get creative with craft beers.
  5. Find winter elements and use them for room decor! Acorns, pine trees, winter wreaths, snowy branches, or ski resort décor can do the trick to create a warm toasty environment.
  6. White it out! Very popular winter wonderland theme where the color white solely dominates every portion of your decor (ie. white food, white decor, white wine)
  7. Like themes? Try the fire and ice theme for your event, it has been done many times, but always a great experience for everyone.
  8. Do your attendees like to compete? Try gingerbread house competitions! Even more fun in teams!
  9. Try a rustic winter woods theme for your event
  10. When it’s cold outside a hot chocolate bar is always a treat for your guests.
  11. Try sledding, building a snowman, or dog-sledding as winter team-building events.
  12. Adults like grilled cheese too! Indulge your attendees in grilled cheese and tomato bisque. Add bacon for flair!
  13. Bring the coffee shop to your attendees by springing for a specialty coffee station at your event – Lattes for everyone!
  14. Enhance the team-building experience by adding charitable elements. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, give to a food pantry or contribute to a hospital. Websites like Impact 4 Good,  HSD and Food Shelters.org are a great start.
  15. When it’s cold outside, bring the culture to your attendees. Try having your event in an art gallery, to give a change of scenery.
  16. Like to use crockpots? For smaller events, try these crockpot winter drinks.
  17. Like small bites? Try these bagel bits.
  18. Use your colors wisely! Use the seasonal colors to add warm winter hues to your event. Vibrant colors will enhance your tablecloths, napkins, and centerpieces too.
  19. Try a scenic venue like a ski resort, or resort that is enhanced by the presence of snow.
  20. Instead of white, try ice blue for your winter wonderland party!

Did you find these useful or have any other winter event ideas to share? Let me know below! If you want to have more purposeful event tips come your way, consider joining our newsletter.


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