20+ Best Event Planning Blogs – Hands Down!

by Sep 20, 2016

I am a big reader.  I love reading about every nook and cranny in the industry. Although published books and formal articles are great, blogs can really show the heart of the industry in an immediate way. Industry blogs bring fresh ideas, and insights to the table right along with the disappointments. Over the years I have subscribed and followed many industry blogs, and I want to share my favorites. Perhaps by reading through these, you will find one or two to add to your arsenal. Read on for the 20 best event planning blogs, hands down!

  1. Bizbash
    If you are in need of an event idea of any kind, go to the Bizbash blog. There are so many ideas! The strength of this blog definitely is in the countless ideas that are offered in every area of event management.
  2. Bizzabo
    This is a great blog for event professionals, focusing on technology and event trends. I especially enjoy the resource page that they offer which has nice resources like webinars, whitepapers, and much more.
  3. Conferences that Work
    Pioneered by Adrian Segar, Conferences that Work delivers ideas and solutions of innovative formats for conferences that lead to highly interactive, participant-led events.  This blog convicts event professionals to leverage attendee’s expertise and experience to create exactly what the participants need and want.
  4. Connect Your Meetings
    Connect Association has a blog that is supported by many contributing authors, which helps to add well rounded voice to event industry subject matter.
  5. Corbin Ball & Co.
    Looking for technology tools and trends? Look no further than Corbin Ball’s website and blog. Corbin Ball’s meeting planning software tools and link list are a “must have” resources for event professionals. If you are looking for some insight on a new industry technology tool, Corbin’s website should be the first one you reference.
  6. Cvent Blog
    The Event Planning Blog by Cvent is one of those “must have” blogs to subscribe to in the industry. What I love about the Cvent Blog is that it stands on its own, completely independent of the Cvent technology tool as its content is multi-faceted and very beneficial to the event professional.
  7. Event Manager Blog
    Anything that you could ever want to know about event management can be found on this blog. The Event Manager blog ranges with basic event planning 101, to trends, technology, and futurist. What I really like about the blog is that there is always new content and great insights from other event professionals in the industry.
  8. Event Planning Blueprint
    Literally your blueprint for planning events, Melanie Woodward and team lead the Event Planning Blueprint blog. In addition, the site features the Event Planning Toolkit that helps anyone get started on planning events.
  9. Event Tech Brief
    Event Tech Brief focuses on technology aspects of events to deliver an atmosphere where the reader can review the latest trends, results, and gain ideas for their future events. More so, this blog goes beyond events and reflects on the future of the industry and projects were the event industry should go.
  10. Events UnCovered Blog
    Silvia Pellegrini heads up the Events UnCovered blog and it is a valuable resource in the industry. This blog brings insights from industry leaders directly to the reader and is a great resource to have in your back pocket.
  11. Gallus Events Blog
    Gallus Events share their meeting management experiences through their blog Gallus Events Blog. This industry leading blog features their innovative approach to event consultancy and is worth checking out what they have got to share.
  12. Grass Shack Media
    Mike McAllen leads the first podcast about and for the meetings industry called Meetings Podcast. In the blog you will find summaries of the interviews and subject matter on the podcast, and many other posts related to meetings technology and the like!
  13. MeetingsNet Blog
    Finding a blog that showcases different niches of meeting planning can be tricky, but MeetingsNet does it. Their blog has articles that encompass many genres like corporate, medical, association, event planning, and social events.
  14. Meeting Professionals International
    As with many industry associations, MPI has a blog that focuses on meetings. Being a member of MPI, I really like the content that this organization offers and the wealth of webinars that their website also offers members.
  15. Midcourse Corrections Blog
    Although several now contribute to this blog, Jeff Hurt’s blog continues to be an expansive view of meetings and conferences. This blog isn’t for the shallow. Its approach is to plummet deep into the heart of what attendees really want, as well as challenge the event professional to be unique with their plans.
  16. PCMA
    Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) has a blog that gives weight to the subject matter that effects the convention industry. If you are a member of this organization, then following this blog is the way to go,
  17. PlannerWire
    Specializing in conference planning, event technology and other cool stuff, PlannerWire has been around for some time bringing innovative thought leadership to the industry. Highlighting a bit more of the technological and social media aspects of conference planning, PlannerWire
    is a great resource for planners.
  18. Plan Your Meetings
    A branch-off from MPI, Plan Your Meetings zeros in on the non-titled corporate planner. The planner that quite possibly was hired in an administrative role, yet ends up finding themselves planning events, meetings, and conferences.
  19. Smart Meetings Blog
    Smart Meetings blog covers all industry news topics from breaking news in the industry to witty fun posts like “How Travelers Handle Bad Behaviors on Airplanes“. Another benefit of having this blog on your favorite list is that it offers webinars for event professionals to stay on top of their game.
  20. Successful Meetings Blog
    Successful Meetings was always a printed magazine resource that I received often. However, I find that their blog packs a punch and offers event professionals a tremendous amount of resources from “how-to” and destination articles to whitepapers and case studies.
  21. TechysTalk
    This blog is all about where technology meets event planning. Learn all the in’s and out’s of event technology. What I really enjoy about their blog is hearing from the other planners in the industry. Note: Their website is currently under construction, but stop back soon!
  22. The Meeting Pool
    The Meeting Pool takes you for a deep dive into event technology. In addition to technology, the have a great resource of posts on social media, apps, and event industry news.
  23. Thoughtfully Simple
    Gotta love this blog for its simple event ideas and recipe’s. Especially nice to refer to when your doing small intimate gathers, perhaps of your own. Definitely one to put on the list to inspire.
  24. Bonus – Plan It On A Post-It.
    Of course I would be amiss to not mention my blog Plan It On A Post-it. Although I’m just getting my footing while blogging in this industry, I can only imagine to be as good as the blogs I mentioned above. To join me in my journey of blogging in this industry, subscribe by clicking the link on the side.

Do you have a favorite industry blog that isn’t mentioned here? Leave a comment, and let me know. I would love to learn about your favs!


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