17 Signs That You Were Born to Be An Event Planner

by Dec 11, 2014

I bet that when you were little, you knew you had a knack for event planning. You were always checking lists, and coming up with multiple plans for any given scenario right? You were born to be an event planner. Are you still not sure? I had such a fun time with my eventprof friends, coming up with these 17 signs for you to use to figure out if you are born to be an event planner. Check them out!

  1. You think in acronyms….always have. (I need to get the BEO back to my CSM by EOD with the new instructions for the FOH)
  2. You’ve discovered the secret to covering up under eye circles and look amazingly fresh after 3 hours sleep.
  3. You thought kindergarten was unorganized and not an efficient use of time.
  4. You have a knack for finding the shortest line, and herding people to it.
  5. You always had the unique ability to get the party started at a very young age. (Birthday parties, family reunions, etc.)
  6. You always know were the nearest bathroom is, but you never use it because you never have the time.
  7. When going to dinner with your parents as a kid you had no issue with walking into the kitchen (ie. back of the house) to get more pepper.
  8. You love luggage, flying, and sitting in airports.
  9. You love to research distance from airport, sunrise, sunset, traffic conditions, weather in remote destinations, and doing it all for 10 cities at a time on your lunch break.
  10. You have two smiles. One you have onsite and one you have all other times. Only your closest friends can tell the difference.
  11. You’ve always loved notebooks, binders, and anything that can keep all of your details in one place.
  12. You can’t get enough of lists. Creating lists, revising lists, and most importantly…cross checking lists.
  13. Your lunchbox in grade school always included a pasta salad, an apple, a cookie, and a choice of either turkey, ham, or veggie sandwich.
  14. You always get excited with group departures
  15. You have not need to healthy food or schedules, you tend to eat what you can when you can.
  16. You always knew you could plan your school field trips and dances better than your teachers.
  17. You were listed in your high school year book as “Most Organized”, “Most Creative”, or “Most Likely Organize a Presidential Election”.

Have more to add to this list? Any of these hit home for you? Let’s connect below!

 Photo credit: Peter Dahlgren via Flickr


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