10 Ways to Add a Little Spring In Your Events

by Apr 25, 2014

Spring has finally sprung! Trees are budding and flowers are blooming, but what about your events? Are they also blooming with possibilities? Spring is a season that has so many elements to love, so why not put some of those elements into your events? I’ve been jotting down some random thoughts on my post-it’s, and wanted to consolidate them to share with you. Here are 10 ways to add a little spring to your events.

Add Color
Incorporate pops of color in your events. Try a colored linen, or color your breaks. If you have gifts, make them bright and colorful. Get bits of bright color into your event, any way you can!

Get outside
Give your attendees some fresh air by getting them outside.  Try an outside reception or coffee break. Give your attendees walking maps to explore during a longer break period. Have a big meeting or event? Then, go bigger, and incorporate a walk/run into your meeting for those athletes in your group.

Snazzy Salads
Nothing says spring like a fresh crisp salad. With fruits and vegetables entering their seasons, there are more options out there to make your salads irresistible. Have the hotel or caterer make some snazzy salads with lots of colorful fruits and vegetables.

Add Flowers
Nothing brings in a little color than a nice floral bouquet. Add flowers to centerpieces and buffets. Garnish water classes with a flower bud prior to pouring. Flowers always bring the pleasant scents of spring.

Give gifts of life
Give your guests floral packets so that they are able to bring spring home with them. It is always nice to plant a flower and see the life that flows from it. Also, you can utilize plants for centerpieces and give as gifts to the attendees.

Infuse It
Get trendy and infuse your water with a hint of fruit. Instead of water on the tables, do nice ice water stations with cute clear containers to show the infused fruit.  Add lemons, pomegranate, oranges, or any other fruit to the water for different flavors. The presentation  of this will be undeniable – and its healthier!

Create the space for idea  sharing
Spring is life. Everything is blooming, and so are your attendee’s ideas. The vibrant atmosphere of spring can get attendees ideas flowing. So, if you have new content that you would like to present or some insight that you would like to gather – what a better time!

Go Green for Spring
What else besides flowers do you see around these days? Green! Green grass, green trees. Why not, go green for your meetings? There are many ways that you can get green. Try taking away the water bottles, go local for foods, reduce your carbon footprint, or go paper-less.

Sizzle and Grill
It’s not too early to throw the food on the grill. Try nice grilled meats or grilled vegetables. The aroma of a grilled item on your menu, will help open up your event attendees senses and get them excited about the sunny times ahead.

Change of venue
Sometimes a simple ballroom with its four walls gets a little old. Find different venues that will help your attendees enjoy the landscaping and scenery. Botanical gardens offer some meeting space, with open windows, and beautiful scenery. There are many other venues that offer atmospherically pleasing sights,  sounds, and scents.

How do you add spring to your events? Do you have any ideas to share? Comments in the boxes below.


Photo credit: Mukumbura via photopin cc


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