10 Tips To Improve Work-Life Balance When Traveling

by Mar 19, 2018

Planning event after event without interruption can cause you to burnout quick. Adding the element of travel can also bring an event planner to the brink of exhaustion and burnout. On one hand, visiting parts of the country and world than one could ever imagine may seem to be exciting. But on the other hand, unless you take one of the appropriate steps below to ensure your work-life balance when you travel, you may be headed for trouble.

Get the lay of the land

It is a world of difference for your client or planning team when you are prepared. If you have the opportunity to arrive slightly ahead of everyone just to get the lay of the land, do it. Walk through your event space, find the nearest bathrooms, explore the gift shop, or find the nearest convenience stores. Try to even try a local restaurant or two to have a personal recommendation for your attendees. Doing these things help you be more knowledgeable of the venue and area in case there are any questions and because you now know, your stress level decreases.

Talk to the locals or area patrons

I’ve met the most interesting people while traveling for work. Many of which I remain close with after returning home. Take the opportunity to get to know some of the people you work with or even people like the hotel staff that you see every day serving you. You will be amazed at some of the stories you hear, perspectives of live that each one of them have. Everyone has something unique to add to this thing called life, it can be amazing if you allow yourself to hear a few of those unique stories.

Get rest

Managing an event onsite can use up a lot of your available energy. It is very important to rest when you have the opportunity, perhaps after that group dinner. Try not to stretch yourself too thin but staying up and checking on email late into the wee hours of the morning. Getting caught up on your work is important, but having a fresh and rested event planner will eventually increase the success of the current meeting. Find ways to take some downtime during your event, go for a walk, take a quick cat nap so that you feel rested and can give your event your best.

Take personal time – arrive early, stay late

Take the opportunity to enjoy the area that you are having your event by arriving early or staying late. Sometimes working an offsite event can leave you exasperated, not being able to see past the fluorescent lighting in the hotel ballroom. Find some time either before the event or after to just hang out and relax or tour the area. Sometimes 24 hours is all you need, or if you want to tack on a few more days go for it. I personally like to extend my travels on the back-end, after the event I’m planning is complete. Nothing else to worry about, and I can reward myself for my hard work.

Bring a friend or loved one

While you are exploring the area in your personal time, consider bringing a friend or a loved one along to keep you company. Sometimes finances don’t always warrant travel, but if they do, what a great opportunity to share in a unique location with you. Instead of coming home with the stories to tell, include others at the beginning or end of your travels,  so that they can experience the highlights of travel with you.

Bring things that make you comfortable

When you are on the road constantly, it’s easy to become annoyed in the things that you don’t have. You crave for your favorite snack, or your fuzzy socks. Instead of being in the space of anxiousness mentally, try making yourself more comfortable by packing for convenience. Pack those items that you don’t want to leave home without, and can make your hotel feel like home away from home. Sometimes that pack of Twizzlers® can be priceless in an international destinations, so consider your comfort.

Take lots of pictures

Commemorate your event or your travels by taking photos to remember the destination by. Capture tourist destinations, take selfies, photograph your food for those foodies, whatever you have to do to retain the memory of the location. Pictures can be used for many things, personalized canvases for your home, or a digital photo book. Reflecting on the memories of your travels can help you appreciate how lucky you are to be able to do what you do.

Blog or Journal

Sometimes writing can be therapeutic. For those that have an inner journalist rousing inside of them, attempt to write of your travels or of your event planning escapades. Finding some alone time either during your event or after to just create can help fill you up and provide an outlet for you. If you want to take it further, try starting a blog for all of your events or travels.

Do something for others

Not everyone can have a job where they have opportunities to travel as event planners do. Sometimes our posts on social media arouse the jealous spirit in others. It is important that we don’t forget those other people that are close to us in our lives, who don’t have these opportunities. Finding a unique gift for those you love can mean the world to that person, and show them that even when you are on the other side of the world, you thought of them. As mentioned above, having a close friend or loved one join you as an extension of your trip could make the world of difference with them.

Stay in touch with reality

As much as we don’t want to admit, our reality is what we face when we go back home. Stay in touch with your reality and don’t ignore it while you are out planning events. If you have family going through a tough time, touch base with them despite your onsite ventures. Facetime your kids when you have an opportunity and stay in touch with others that mean a lot to you.

What are some things that you do when you travel to encourage your work-life balance? I would love to hear your tricks on keeping it together despite the crazy that can be happening in your life. Let’s keep this conversation going in the comments!

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