10 Ideas Event Planners Can Use To Live Creatively

by Dec 18, 2020

Catching ideas and learning how to wield those ideas are two different and important things according to Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love. Elizabeth, also the author of Big Magic which exposes ideas as a “sentient force that inhabits all creative endeavors”. In reading this book, our book club, saw that there might be some mystic and divine revelation hidden within these so called ideas. Revelations that if harnessed can help us to live more creatively. So, here are a few of our takeaways on how event planners can live more creatively using the concepts in this book.


Plan to catch your ideas

In that past if I had an idea, I either acted on it or not. However, in Big Magic, the thought isn’t that you have an idea, it is that an idea comes to you. How you ask? Because it is a living force that is independent of yourself. So if you subscribe to this thought, ideas visit you and invite you into collaborating with it. Which implies that an idea can depart and go elsewhere.


You are a partner to inspiration and not a slave to it

So if you are collaborating with an idea, then you are a partner to it, and not a slave to it. If you are a slave to your ideas, then that means that you have no choice when it comes to the idea. This means that you have a choice when ideas come along, you can either collaborate with the idea and add your creative pizzazz to bring it to life, or you can dismiss the idea. Then the idea will potentially go on its way.


Your idea can’t be stolen

Well, at least that is what Elizabeth Gilbert thinks. If an idea can come to you, then it can also visit others as well. So several people can be working on the same idea. People can merely copy your work and your ideas and that is not okay. However, an idea can come to different people at the same or another time. If we understand this concept, then we focus on what we do with the ideas that come to us. Are we going to act on it? Are we going to pass it up?


Creativity is what you put into it

When you choose to collaborate with an idea, you make it your own. You then put your experiences, your thoughts, your feelings, your everything into your idea and make it uniquely yours thus being creative with your ideas. Everyone has their unique gift to give to the world, you stamp, and when you add this to the ideas that come to you, you make it your creative expression for the world. You live creatively.


Ideas move from soul to soul

Okay, I know this can be a little woo woo. Some people may like woo woo. Some of the members of our book club – not so much. Anyway, the thought that ideas can move from soul to soul, from person to person and collaborate at will, is an interesting concept. At times, there is a larger purpose at hand, that needs more than one person. For example, the book describes different instances in the industrial revolution, or event today’s technological advancements show that many ideas around the same type of advancements are at hand with different collaborators. When you absorb this, you realize that you can be apart of a bigger picture. Adding your specific hue to the color that many are creating from.


If you are going to live a creative existence, you’ll have to take risks

Being creative is risky business. Entrepreneurs have spent their life savings trying to create the business of their dreams. Businesses take risks every day. Especially right now within the pandemic, people are taking huge risks to stand up, be creative, forge ahead. And at times that could come as a great risk and loss. Which brings me to the next point.


There’s not much job security when you live creatively

When you choose to play the creativity game, you are choosing a high risk, high baller game. Sometimes you when, and sometimes you lose. Don’t think that you shouldn’t play, you should, the creativity game is one of the best in the world.


Make out with your creativity

When is the last time that you and your creativity just had a date night? Well, if not a date night what about 15 minutes? One thing that is driven home in this book, is that if you have the time, make sure to make a date with your creativity and get your groove on. Explore, write, create, do what you are inspired to do. No matter how little time you have, it will be well worth it.


Perfectionism is a myth

I’ve talked about how perfectionism is dangerous on my blog several times. This is one area that prevents many of us from being able to see when progress happens within our events. In tis book, perfectionism is presented as a trap that can ride you to death. Although a bold description, it is true. When you focus on perfection, the pressure that arises from that only depletes your energy. So focus on progress, and not perfection.


Art is a crushing choice and a wonderful privilege

Creating events, or creating art is a choice that we all make. We have the unique privilege of creating magnificent events that inspire and evoke experiences that change lives. It can come with intense pressure, and perhaps not as much compensation, but it is a great privilege to innovate how people gather.


Well there you have it, 10 ideas for event planners to live creatively as inspired from the book Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert. I hope these points inspire you to act differently when you have ideas. And when that big idea does come, make a choice to act on it quickly and collaborate with it to bring forth your unique creation!


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