10 Freedoms that Every Event Planner Dreams Of

by Jul 4, 2017

Today marks Independence Day in the United States of America. A day where the USA celebrates gaining its national independence. Although celebrating the holiday allows those of us who live in this great country to reflect on our individual freedoms, I can’t help but wonder about the freedoms that every event planner dreams of. Here are my top 10:

Every event planner should be free…

  1. … to have their event in any location that they choose
  2. … to have limitless budgets to plan the event that they envision
  3. … from holidays, black-out dates, or any other
  4. … to use whatever theme they find necessary for their event
  5. … to have happy clients that enjoys, understands, and encourages their creativit
  6. … to use their own preferred vendors of their choice
  7. … to collect reward points for the events that they plan
  8. … of technical difficulties with online registration sites
  9. … to plan some events with a little bit of risk involved
  10. … of reconciling final bills

Wishing everyone celebrating this holiday in the US and abroad and safe and Happy Fourth of July!

What are some other things that you wish you could be free to do as an event planner? Jot them down in the comments and let us all dream together!


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