10 Apps to Streamline Event Check-In

by Jul 12, 2014

We are living in the age were people are increasingly wanting their information easier, faster, in an instant. As an event planner, we feel the repercussions that technology has put on our plate, and strive to obtain partnerships with technology providers that can help us meet the needs of our needy attendees. This also is true when we think about the attendee check-in experience.

How are you currently checking in your guests now? With a paper list and a pen to make a check-mark? How about having an application that you can use across your devices, that updates your list in real-time? I’m hopeful that the list below (in no particular order) will bring you some solace when it comes to checking your attendees into your event. All of these companies offer instant check-in, with QR codes or scanners, notifications, and reports & analytics post-event.


A plug and play app, your event team can start in minutes. Provides analytical data and reporting.


This software offers more than just event check-in, however does offer a great interface when doing attendee management.  You can also incorporate a bluetooth scanner if an attendee shows up with their printed confirmation.

Check In Easy (from Certain Software)

Very easy check-in process for events. Seamless setups, and on-the-fly reporting.

cvnet OnArrival

What makes Cvent special is the integration that it has to its event management software. For those organization that use cvent to drive their Strategic Meetings Management Program (SMMP), or simply for the management of their meetings, this integration can be useful when checking-in attendees into events. You can also use this tool to manage check-ins online and offline.


Eventbrite is supported by iPhone and Android. Provides options for payment transactions and receipts onsite. Quick and Easy setup.

Event Farm

Has one-touch reporting, and permissions control in addition to a pretty easy event check-in app.


Event Check-in is a iPad app and cloud CMS that allows busy event organisers to quickly create a guest list, check in guests onsite and then analyse attendance data afterwards.


Mobicheckin offers synchronization of guest lists at different points of entry via your iPad or iPhone.

Social Tables

If you have events that require scaled diagrams, in addition to needing an app for check-in’s, this app is for you. Use products collaboratively or independent of another.


Fast and reliable. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows 8 Platforms, which is very supportive for many organizations. Had a unique addition head-shot recognition to keep event safe and secure.

Do you use an event check-in app, that you would like to let us know about or have experience with the apps above? We would love to hear your story in the comments below!


Photo credit: registration desk sign by NHS Confederation via Flickr


  1. Christina O

    Great article and great apps! One thing, the link for zkipster doesn’t seem to be working or leads to the wrong place. Thought I’d give you the heads up!

    • admin

      Christina, glad you enjoyed reading this article. I’ve updated the link for zkipster – Thanks so much for the heads up!


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