Empowering Busy Event Planners to Stress Less and Live More!

Release Your Stress

Event planning is one of the most stressful jobs in the world. Learn now to relieve your stress and avoid burnout.

Gain Clarity and Confidence

Get clear on your purpose, learn how to balance your life so that you can lead with confidence. 

What’s Stress Got to Do with It?

I know. You’re in the event industry and we know how to take it all in and work with what we have. Yet you may not know the damaging effects of what stress and overwhelm can do in your life, especially when you are headed right towards burnout.

You’re smart, you’ve done all the research and read all of the things, but you don’t know how to do it. You need to get to the next level, but not sure quite how to do it.

Let me help. I’ve been in your position before. Not able to figure out what direction to go in, and how to make everything that you are juggling work.

Meet Naomi, Your Productivity and Burnout Coach

Saying “yes” to everything that came my way, ultimately left me with health issues, a rocky marriage, children that needed their mom a little more, and family that I never saw. Yet when I flipped the script on my life and asked myself what truly matters, what is my purpose in life, I found that many things had to come off my list. This is the reason that I founded Planners on Purpose.

I’ve managed many event planners in my 25+ years in the industry. I’ve seen the toll that this industry can take on someone. Yes, it is fun and we love what we do, however too much of anything is never a good thing. If you are a planner that is in a similar situation, perhaps you have a ton on your plate and don’t know how to streamline things so that you can breathe easier. Or perhaps you are juggling multiple priorities and need help deciding on who to delegate what to, let me help. I’m here to empower event planners to stress less so that they can live at their best. So that they can live a life on purpose!

If you are looking for some support as you navigate tougher times, or if you want help in the next steps in your career, schedule some time with me by clicking the button below.

Join the Banish Burnout Challenge

… Plus … learn how to craft bold affirmations for your personal and professional life that will last through the year! 

This 5-day challenge will cover…

  •  * Maintain what’s important for you while doing what you love.

  • * Find an impactful workday scenario that works for you.

  • * Learn how to better respond to stress and overwhelm.

  • * Get actionable sustainable tips that will sustain the test of time.

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